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Our story

In 1983, after completing his studies at the RWTH Aachen University, Hani El-Khouri, a graduate engineer, founded the Middle East Service Center for the care of Arab guests (MESC for short) together with two fellow students. 

During his studies he realized the need of Arab patients for a better organisation of their health tourism trips. At the request of the Klinikum Aachen and the senior city director Dr. Heiner Berger, MESC took over the international patient care at the clinic.

Service has always been more than just a word for the company. Under the slogan "We create points of contact", the company acted as an interface between cultures. Thus, not only organisational excellence and hospitality were responsible for the success, but also the successful mediation between very different cultures. Health services from Germany became accessible to patients across the borders of different cultural understandings.

In 1986, MESC GmbH was jointly entrusted by the City of Wiesbaden and the German Clinic for Diagnostics (DKD) with the exclusive care of all Arab patients at the German Clinic for Diagnostics in Wiesbaden. Due to the positive response and effective market development by MESC, the care of all foreign patients at the DKD became our task. Due to professional and private developments, Hani El-Khouri took over the sole management of the company.


In addition to patient care, MESC was also responsible for the exclusive marketing of the clinic abroad and organisational development. In close coordination with the management of the DKD, the clinic's range of services was expanded and adapted specifically for foreign patients.


Since the German Clinic for Diagnostics has a predominantly diagnostic focus, the medical follow-up care of the patients had to be guaranteed. In nationwide cooperations our company took care of the examinations in complementary private clinics and rehabilitation centres. At an early stage, we attached great importance to transparency in our work. Patients were informed in detail about follow-up services and their choice of treatment  was supported by competent advice.

The sons of Mr. Hani El-Khouri, Martin M. El-Khouri and Christian Fadi El-Khouri, joined the management of the company by founding and taking over the subsidiary IPS-Germany (a joint venture between MESC and Lufthansa City Center (LCC)). Already long involved in the company's activities, they expanded the company's consulting department.

The relevance of transparency, integrity and humanity in health tourism is still underestimated by many participants in the industry. In order to help clinics achieve a higher degree of efficiency, we offer borad consulting services. Together with our clients we can create sustainable models for international patients in Germany. Following our approaches, medical care remains in the foreground and, complemented by smooth processes and a special focus on the holistic well-being of the patients, can be guaranteed in the long term.

Die Söhne von Hani El-Khouri, Martin M. El-Khouri und Christian Fadi El-Khouri, traten dem Management des Unternehmens durch Neugründung und Übernahme der Tochtergesellschaft IPS-Germany (einem Joint-Venture zwischen des MESC und den Lufthansa City Center (LCC), bei. Bereits lange in dem Geschehen des Unternehmens involviert, bauten sie die Beratungsabteilung des Unternehmens aus. 

Die Relevanz von Transparenz, Integrität und Menschlichkeit im Gesundheitstourismus werden bis heute von vielen Beteiligten in dem Geschäftsfeld unterschätzt. Um mit unserer Zielsetzung, Kliniken zu helfen, einen höheren Wirkungsgrad zu haben bieten wir Beratungsleistungen an Kliniken an. Gemeinsam mit unseren Klienten können wir nachhaltige Modelle für internationale Patienten in Deutschland schaffen. So bleibt die medizinische Versorgung im Vordergrund und kann, komplementiert durch reibungslose Prozesse und ein besonderes Augenmerk auf das ganzheitliche Wohl der Patienten, nachhaltig gewährleistet werden.

Christian El-Khouri Medical Tourism Cons



We have devoted the last 40 years to set the prime standard in international patient management. Having had the privilege to care for over 52.000 patients since our inception, provided us with the experience needed to strategically improve hospital processes to serve the individual patient's wellbeing.


Our true dedication to transparency, integrity, and service comprise the foundation of the systems we have built, lessons we have taught and operations we have constructed. Every patient has the right to know what, why and how much he is paying for, why processes are structured in a specific manner and the options open to him.


Our broad and diverse network, domestically and globally, offers us access to the greatest minds in healthcare and healthcare management. Different perspectives, a multitude of experiences and our openness to new approaches keeps us connected with the newest trends and adequate implementation of these.


A proven track record of putting the patients' interest first. 

We have and will never compromise when it comes to the patients' primary interest: Their health.

As our utmost priority, all other aspects of our work get tailored around and according to it.


As an owner-managed family business, we are always involved in the decision-making process and bear the responsibility for our actions. We believe that this proximity and connection to the company is a competitive advantage, as we can act quickly and proactively and are responsible for the development of our customers and our team.


Managing the entire international patient operation for the Deutsche Klinik für Diagnostik (DKD) Wiesbaden from 1986 to 2012 put us at the nexus of international healthcare management for one of the globe's leading diagnostic hospitals and stakeholders in international medical travel.

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