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During our 40 years of practice in the field of International Medical Tourism we have helped numerous hospitals and healthcare providers in marketing their services to an international audience.


Marketing is the first step to successfully acquiring international patients. As healthcare services are routed in personal relations we emphasise these in our marketing approach through direct outreach. Instead of focussing on traditional marketing efforts, such as brochures, and even web based marketing and social media, we meet the audience in their home country to provide them with a better understanding of your services and the advantages of your healthcare establishment.

Still, having an appealing and simple to navigate website allows patient to better understand your approach to healthcare and learn more about the advantages your provide. However a website aimed at international patients differs from your website aimed for the national audience. We will work in unison with one of our partnered marketing and design agencies, but also with your agency, to deliver a product suited to your needs.

Let us develop your marketing strategy:

  • Exhibitions and trade fairs

  • Providing an exclusive website for International Patients

  • Referral agreements with hospitals based outside of your country

  • Organising fam-trips

Image by Scott Graham


& Branding

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