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International Patient Service

If you are already treating patients from abroad, but lack the organisational capacity and know-how to provide them with the necessary administrative support, we will advise you in setting up your own International Department.

Above a certain operational size, it is essential to have a dedicated International Department, which takes care of your international patients' concerns and assists them personally with due consideration for cultural differences.


We ensure that this department is correctly integrated into the company, so that it can operate autonomously, but yet in unison with the hospitals and, if given, the hospital groups' corporate strategy.

The exact design of the International Department will only be determined after we have gained a comprehensive view of the clinic, its processes and procedures, and also the space available:


  • Evaluation of the size and scope of the International Department

  • Implementation of SOPs, previously tailored to your needs

  • Personnel selection and training

  • Integration of the International Department into existing clinic processes

  • Defining the services that the department can and should offer

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