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Medical tourists travel for thousands of miles in order to be treated in a different country. Along that comes the cultural differences, language barriers and a general sense of disorientation due to a foreign environment. The emotional effects that patients generally experience when receiving medical attention are enhanced. In some instances this stress can impede the success of a treatment.​

Thus it is of the upmost importance to implement the right standard operating procedures that take into account these factors and guarantee professional, efficient and welcoming processing of the medical inquiries sent by international patients.

Next to the comprehensive conception of your Health-Tourism strategy, we offer you and your staff training and coaching in dealing with international patients appropriately. Further, we design Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) tailored to your hospital, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Patient flow management

  • Waiting time optimisation

  • Structuring cooperations

  • Working with medical tourism facilitators

  • Intercultural communication and training

  • Quality proofing external service providers

  • Cooperations with embassies, consulates and medical offices


& Operations

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