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Two generations of entrepreneurial responsibility

Since our founding in 1978 we have been providing people from all over the world with medical services of the highest standard, especially in Germany. Building on this, we use our expertise to improve health care providers like hospitals, clinics and single operating doctors offices to enhance the patient experience. Putting our skills and know-how at the disposal of medical providers, allows us to holistically improve their quality and range of services to the benefit of their international patients.

What is medical-tourism consulting?

Medical tourism consultancy is a service aimed at hospitals, medical and medical communities, cities, wellness providers, tour operators and hotels. Its operational purpose is to create a new medical tourism destination, or to improve a region or hospital already visited by international patients in such a way that international patients receive the best possible medical care and a smooth operation. 

From the conception of a comprehensive international health strategy to the implementation of detailed patient management processes - our consulting services support you step by step in building the healthcare facility that your patients deserve.

International Patients

& International Healthcare Management


& Operations

A though out Health-Tourism strategy sets the course for your international success.


& Branding

Excellent medical services are not enough. 

Communicate your strengths accordingly.



Is your city a destination for international patients?

Promote regional and interregional cooperation with us.


& PR

It's risky to entrust a third party with your external communication. Let us speak with, not for you.

Legal & Ethical Medical Tourism

What is Legal & Ethical Medical Tourism? How can you ensure that you operate within a legal and moral framework? 

Your international patient service

International Patients are visiting you clinic or hospital and you wish to offer them a better infrastructure?

First step: Free consultation

If you are a hospital, clinic or doctor, who wants to offer your services internationally or non-medical service provider, interested in establishing a cluster for medical tourism in your city, arrange a free initial consultation with one of our partners now.

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